Scrum Team with Digital Analytics

How to embed Digital Analytics & Optimisation into Agile Product Development

In most businesses insight, analytics and optimisation are separate from technology development or IT. Most commonly, these functions are housed within a marketing team which sits, both physically and organizationally, apart from the development team. Getting anything done by IT is traditionally very hard to do. What I am aiming to show is how the Agile endeavour can itself become truly data-driven, analytical and experimental.

How to Build a Digital Measurement & Optimisation Framework

Drowning in Data The concept of 'drowning in data' cannot be understated when it comes to digital analytics. Apart from the sheer quantity of information available, the situation is worsened because the tools we use are so terribly fast and effective; it has never been easier to slice, dice and peel your way through such … Continue reading How to Build a Digital Measurement & Optimisation Framework